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We are the students at the Innoko River High School, living in the last village on the Innoko River in the western Interior of Alaska.

Jamie Hamilton

Interests: Hunting, fishing and working on engines.

Hobbies: Basketball, snowboarding, snowmachining, and dirtbiking.

Favorite Native food: Willow grouse.

Reaction to being told we were going to SOUTH AFRICA:
At first I was speechless, and to this day I can not believe we were chosen to go.


ALISON Shadow data

Our GLOBE Research

We have been a GLOBE school since 1998. Different classes of students have set up different study sites over the years but in 2005 our local research on our environment took on a different twist when lightening struck behind our village and burned a 15-acre area of land dangerously close to local homes.

The Alaska State Forestry Department hired the Shageluk Emergency Fire Fighting crew and the EFF crew from Nikolai to assist in putting out the fire. The fire lasted just two weeks but has provided us with long-term data on regrowth in a Boreal forest that has made us think about climate change and how it effects our cultural traditions and survival as the Deg Hitan people!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jack: Sunday, June 29, Departure Day #2

Today after I woke up I had to bring my bags to the bottom floor of the hotel while we waited for the bus to leave to go back to the airport. We had to wait for Joy and Rudy to come down, too. When we got to the airport we had to wait in line. It was crazy! we were standing in line for almost 8 hours. Just when we were almost getting our plane ticket we heard someone sayig that the Cape Town to Dakar plane is now boarding and I guess we were in luck, we made it on the plane. I had to sit in the back of the plane where it was pretty bumpy.

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